Value-Added Services

All of these services are available to you absolutely free!

Vulcan Utility Signs - Value Added Services Download a PDF detailing our Value-Added Services from our Downloads page.

Graphic Design

Our Graphics Department has the knowledge and expertise required to assist in the design process of signs and markers. Drawings and layouts can be provided to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This service is available at no additional cost.

Vulcan Utility Signs - Value Added Services

Customized Web Store Corporate Access Page

For our customers, we offer a range of services that can save your company time and money. These services are just a mouse click away... on our secure Web Store. A customer with a contract account can be provided a customized, Web Store Corporate Access Page (CAP) designed specifically for the products a company purchases. Please contact us for details.

Vulcan Utility Signs - Value Added Services

Research and Development

Products are continually tested to ensure the best field performance. Our Outdoor Test Deck allows real time testing of current products as well as products in the developmental stages. A QUV Weatherometer is utilized for accelerated testing of simulated outdoor exposure. Through these testing processes, we are able to analyze the life expectancy of our products in the field.

QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester

We use our in-house QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester to test all components of a product, including inks, adhesives and substrates. As the name implies, the tester "accelerates" the test, providing data long before outdoor samples yield results. This enables us to evaluate the outdoor durability of products and introduce them into the market sooner, rather than later. QUV testing is the industry standard for outdoor weather testing. We operate our tester in conformance with ASTM G.53. Our QUV has been a part of our R&D/Quality Assurance Program for over 20 years.

Vulcan Utility Signs - Value Added Services

Outdoor Test Deck

Our Outdoor Test Deck is located on the Vulcan campus. This testing process acts as a check and balance for the QUV testing process. We test every product component in both the QUV machine and on our Outdoor Test Deck. The Test Deck faces South at a 45° angle, which some say simulates twice the exposure to a vertically mounted sign. Periodically, we compare specimens from both tests. Some products have been on the test deck for over 15 years. Vulcan believes that it is pertinent to track the results of long term weather testing. This data enables us to develop longer lasting products.

Vulcan Utility Signs - Value Added Services

Custom Marking Standards Manual

Let us create a custom Marking Solutions Manual to make identifying and ordering your custom marking products a breeze and ensure consistency. This custom manual contains illustrations, specifications and, part numbers for every marking product "approved" by your company. It is available either electronically or in print format. Be sure to ask about this service. We can also include easy to use order forms to further streamline the ordering process.

Vulcan Utility Signs - Value Added Services

Job Kits

We can prepare customized job kits that include all of the components needed for a project. This service aids in organization of the project and greatly improves installation time. Contact us for more details on how we can increase efficiency on the projects you tackle.

Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Vulcan Utility Signs is part of Vulcan, Inc., which includes four other manufacturing plants with many capabilities. Please click on the links below to learn more about each facility.

We are located on our thirty acre campus in Foley, Alabama. Our collaborative nature allows expanding in-house manufacturing opportunities. Whatever your needs may be, give us a call and we will work to provide the best solution possible.

(Visit our Downloads page to download a PDF version of our Quality Assurance Testing)