Meet Linda Wilson | Automotive Sales Manager for Vulcan Aluminum

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Vulcan is growing! It’s already been one month since Linda Wilson, Manager of Automotive Sales for Vulcan Aluminum, joined our team and already she is making big strides. After a brief Q & A session, we think you will see why we are excited to have her on board!


Vulcan: Linda, you are based out of the Detroit area. Have you always lived in Michigan?

Linda: Yes, born and raised.

Vulcan: We are all about family at Vulcan, so tell us about your fam jam!

Linda: I have a wonderful husband, one sister, one brother, and three nephews, and last but not least, my only child has four legs….her name is Ginger and she is our 14 year old yellow lab.

Vulcan: What would you say is your personal motto when it comes to sales?

Linda: Be honest and be you…which leads to trust…which leads to customers for life!

Vulcan: With your background being in the steel industry, what have you identified as the major difference between the steel and aluminum industry?

Linda: Well, I have been in the metals industry for 30 years, 15 of which has been concentrated on aluminum and stainless. I find the non-ferrous end of the business has far fewer competitors, much more tendency to create long-term customers without the “cut-throat” pricing environment.

Vulcan: Are you excited to be starting this new chapter with Vulcan?

Linda: Very much so! My biggest driving force in joining Vulcan is the tremendous amount of respect I have for the company, as well as its employees. Together as a team, we are going to make great things happen!

Vulcan: We must now ask you a very serious question… Do you root for Michigan State or The University of Michigan?

Linda: Well, since I graduated from a boring business college, neither is my alma mater. That having been said, U of M is definitely first choice (which didn’t work out so well in the last 10 seconds last weekend).

Vulcan: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Linda: I love the outdoors, especially if it involves water, and when I can get out there, the golf course. The bad part about Michigan is our summers are entirely too short!

Cha Cha Changes | The All New Vulcan Safety Team



Always changing, always improving… the Vulcan safety program encourages and encompasses the definition of continuous improvement. The most recent improvement was just announced and we feel certain that the change is going to have a definite positive impact across the corporation.

So what’s changed you ask?

  • The name of the group of individuals in charge of safety at Vulcan. Previously dubbed The Vulcan Corporate Safety Committee, this group was comprised of a select group of managers. This group has now been renamed The Vulcan Safety Team and has been restructured to include one hourly employee and one salary employee from each division.

What difference will this make?

  • The word team when compared to committee is a much better representation of what we are striving for. We want safety to be a TEAM effort, not just a set of rules outlined by a group that doesn’t have direct involvement in the concerns at hand. As our program has evolved, it is obvious that some of the best suggestions, recommendations and ideas are derived from employees working on the production floor every day. By developing a diverse group of hourly and salary employees, we are able to now analyze, discuss and decide on safety items while considering all angles.

What will stay the same?

  • Our commitment to putting the safety of our employees and campus visitors first and foremost. Our Plant Safety Teams (consisting of a rotating group of production employees) will also remain in place and will work alongside the Vulcan Safety Team.

We are excited about these changes and would like to encourage our customers, vendors and industry affiliates to make the same commitment to safety by:

1) Making safety a priority.

2) Developing a plan to incorporate safety into every aspect of your business.

3) Working to continuously improve the safety program you put into place.


Stop, Collaborate & Manufacture | Manufacturing Day 2015

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Ding ding ding da da ding ding, ding ding ding dad a ding ding…. Vanilla Ice, Ice Baby. Come on, sing it with me!

Oh, the 90s… It was a great decade. Saved by the Bell, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, crimped hair and oversized basketball jerseys… there is so much awesomeness wrapped up in that one sentence and in the entire decade for that matter.

Ice, Ice Baby will forever and always be a 90s classic. There is no disputing this. So when planning began for Vulcan’s first ever Manufacturing Day, there were quite a few millennials at Vulcan that were excited about the theme for our inaugural celebration of Manufacturing Day 2015. STOP, COLLABORATE & MANUFACTURE.

MFG Day Decal

No, we can’t make this cheesiness up. It really was the theme of this year’s event. Above is the decal that was fabricated at Vulcan to give to each student that joined us for a tour.  The creative person who developed this catchy slogan deserves credit for his epic idea. So on that note, thank you to David Lee, Sales Representative for Vulcan Aluminum Mill for developing this slogan for our event.


David Lee, Sales Representative for Vulcan Aluminum Mill, 1999