Vulcan Aluminum, a division of Vulcan, Inc., is a fully integrated supplier of aluminum sign blanks and sheet to the traffic industry. We also supply many other users of fabricated aluminum products. Our sister division, Vulcan Aluminum Mill, supplies the materials, and we take over from there.

Our aluminum products are cut and fabricated to your exact specifications using state-of-the-art equipment. We apply a chemical conversion coating as the final step in our manufacturing process and have perfected this unique coating system, providing the best corrosion-fighting coverage in the industry.

We are the largest manufacturer of aluminum sign blanks and sheet in the United States, and we can fulfill your aluminum needs at prices the competition cannot touch. We produce and supply alloy 5052-H38, the industry standard, and all of our aluminum products are lab certified.

Give us a try . . . we believe you will be pleased with the results.

Vulcan Aluminum manufactures and distributes the following products:

  • Aluminum Blanks
  • Aluminum Sign Blanks
  • Aluminum Sheet
  • Extruded Blades
  • Sign Blanks for Traffic Signs
  • Street Name Sign Blanks
  • 5052-H38 Alloy Products
Vulcan Aluminum - Cut-to-Length Line, Sign Blanking Robot, Alodizing Line

Cut-to-Length Line

Vulcan Aluminum’s cut-to-length line sets the industry standard in multi-cut blanking. The line can handle aluminum coils weighing up to 20,000 pounds, in gauges ranging from 0.025 to 0.125 and in widths up to 60 inches. With its ultra-close shearing tolerances on length and width (+/- 0.005”), squareness to within 0.007” and speeds up to 250 feet per minute, our cut-to-length line gets the job done, providing blanks to our customers' exact specifications.

Sign Blanking Robot

Vulcan Aluminum’s Sign Blanking Robot is a state-of-the-art robotic press capable of producing 15,000 standard sign blanks per day in gauges up to 0.125. Blanks are automatically fed into the press to have corners rounded and holes punched per customer specifications. The finished blanks are then automatically removed from the press and stacked for further fabrication and/or chromate conversion coating treatment.

Alodizing Line

In order for reflective sheeting or paint to properly adhere to aluminum, the surface of sign blanks must be treated with a chromate conversion coating. Vulcan Aluminum utilizes a 340-foot long, 7-stage Power Spray System in its Alodizing Line to perform this finishing operation.