Vulcan Utility Signs: Going Beyond Providing a Product


We hate to toot our own horn, but there is something extremely gratifying about working with a customer to provide a solution that truly makes a difference in the productivity and efficiency of their business. As the leading manufacturer of pipeline marking products in the industry today, we often promote the fact that we are a “Marking Solutions Provider.” What does that mean exactly? Well, we don’t just sell products that you see pictured in our catalog or on our website. When a customer comes to us with a specific marking issue they are having, that’s when we roll up our sleeves and put our thinking caps on. We assemble a team consisting of a variety of disciplines from engineering, to production, to customer service, all with the same goal in mind… develop a marking solution that will fit our customer’s needs. This was exactly the case when we received a call from Zackery Gravely, with Virginia Natural Gas. Once Zackery explained the issues he was experiencing, we were able to design and fabricate a custom Vulcan Bullet Marker that incorporated a locator.

Virginia Natural Gas- Zack Gravely2

Virginia Natural Gas- Zack Gravely1

“So with the installation of this one marker, we increased our visibility, aided with public awareness showing 811 and the QR code linking to Vulcan’s website, we are using something that can actually be found, opposed to our flush locate stations we’ve been using, created superior ground hopefully ensuring an excellent locate, and due to the design of the marker, we never have to worry about the locate tech disassembling and not putting back together our equipment; ensures good housekeeping.” – Zackery Gravely, Asset Management Group, Virginia Natural Gas

By the end of the project, Zackery got exactly what he was looking for and our team felt accomplished knowing they had worked through several challenges to meet the needs of a customer looking to us for a solution.


Stacy Holland, Sales Representative for Vulcan, worked closely with Zackary Gravely coordinating the project.


Left to Right: Boston Sherrier, Rocky Stewart and Mark Walker from Vulcan designed and developed a prototype marker to ensure its functionality, then shipped it to Zackary for testing.

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