Chemical Conversion Treatment on Aluminum Sign Blanks

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I once heard the statement that aluminum sign blanks are a fairly vanilla product, meaning that from one supplier to the next, there isn’t much of a difference. We beg to differ. Not only is there a difference, there is a significant one. Why? At Vulcan Aluminum, our sign blanks go through a rigorous Chemical Conversion Treatment ensuring the best corrosion-fighting coverage in the industry. Our 340-foot long, 7-Step Power Spray System utilized in our Alodizing Line is the finishing touch in our manufacturing process.

Step 1: Cleaning. A liquid etching type alkaline cleaner is used per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Step 2: Rinse. An overflowing water rinse is used.

Step 3: Deoxidizer is used to desmut and remove heat treatment and residual oxides remaining on metal.

Step 4: Rinse. An overflowing water rinse is used.

Step 5: Chemical Conversion Treatment. A chemical conversion treatment is utilized to produce a protective golden coating.

Step 6: Rinse. An overflowing water rinse is used.

Step 7: Drying. A forced, hot air drying process is used.

Our 7-Step treating system at Vulcan not only provides the best coating coverage in the business, but it also allows us to process material faster which lowers our lead times.

After 40+ years in the sign fabrication business, Vulcan Aluminum’s process has proven to stand the test of time. For more information on Vulcan products, please visit us online at

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