Line of Sight: A Best Practice in the Pipeline Industry



Underground pipelines… they span all across the country transporting essential commodities such as oil, gas and water, however they often go unnoticed since their presence is hidden below the soil. Excavation and even minor digging can potentially cause serious issues due to the fact that you never know where an underground pipeline may exist. Industry regulations such as CFR Title 49 | 192.707, CFR Title 49 | 195.410 and API RP 1109 are in place to provide specifications on the design and location of pipeline markers. These regulations are fairly clear for most marking situations, however gray areas still exist, which is where the Best Practice Line of Sight steps in to fill in the gaps.

Line of sight

The Line of Sight concept refers to being able to stand at one marker and see the next marker down the way. If the next marker in the line is hidden, there is no easy way to determine the path of the pipe below. Far from rocket science, Line of Sight is a simple yet effective Best Practice in the pipeline industry.


For more information on Line of Sight, CFR and API regulations associated with pipeline marking, please visit Vulcan’s YouTube Channel to watch an educational video. To place an order for pipeline markers conforming to the regulations discussed in the blog article, please call 1.800.426.1314 or visit


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