Mounting a Sign to a U-Channel Sign Post

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This blog title sort of sounds like it should have the words “for Dummies” after it. Though it sounds simple, it is all too often that we see signs in the field mounted improperly. And just for the record, a few new members of the Vulcan team have made the same mistake, so no judgment here. If you have never been shown, then you don’t know. However, it is pertinent to learn the correct way since improper mounting techniques can cause multiple issues, with the primary one being sign instability.

If you will notice, a U-Channel post has two sides – a flat side and a side that has a protruding edge. The sign will always need to mount to the flat side of the U-Channel to ensure maximum wind resistance. See diagram below for visual.

Proper Mounting for U-Channel

In high-wind areas, a Sign Saver may be installed to further increase sign stability.

Sign Saver

Over time, constant wind can take a toll on your signs, widening the hole where the sign is attached to the post to the point where the bolt can no longer hold the sign. Watch the video below to see the result of a sign improperly mounted on a U-Channel post in a high wind area. Improve the longevity of your signs in the field by ensuring signs are mounted to the flat side of the U-Channel, as well as install a sign saver kit (pictured above).

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