Vulcan Utility Signs: Greater Flexibility with Digital Printing


Here at Vulcan Utility Signs, screen printing has long been our bread and butter method for producing quality signage for the utility industry. However, as part of our effort to offer a diverse product line enriched by a multitude of manufacturing capabilities, we have expanded the ways we can produce signs and markers to better meet those needs.

One example that is representative of our growth is our digital print capability. This versatile printing process gives us the ability to produce almost any type of sign our customers can dream up. Whether it is a sign with a hundred different colors, a complex graphic or a high-resolution photograph, we have the capability of printing it. Have a celebration or special event coming up? We can design and fabricate eye-catching banners to celebrate achievements or promote events. Digital printing has also proven to be a more cost-effective method for small orders with multiple colors when compared to traditional screen printing.


Take a look at the sign below. The intricate details of the “litterbug” can easily be digitally printed in the time it takes to get photos made at the local pharmacy.


Operating a sign business inevitably means you are going to get unusual requests for signs. With the digital printer, we can handle most, if not all, of those requests that come our way.

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