Why 5052 Aluminum Alloy?


In 1986, construction was completed for Vulcan’s state-of-the-art aluminum rolling mill. Always known as fabricators of quality signs for the transportation industry, Vulcan was about to embark on an entirely new business venture… the manufacturing of 5052 aluminum coil and sheet. 5052 was chosen as the alloy to manufacture for one simple reason; it was and still is the alloy specified by all state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) for road signs. With two sister divisions, Vulcan Aluminum and Vulcan Signs, utilizing 5052 aluminum blanks in their fabrication process, the goal was to become vertically integrated. This would allow for greater control in the areas of quality and lead time. 5052 alloy also has higher magnesium content than most other alloys, giving it more strength and greater corrosion resistance.


The strategic decision to manufacture 5052 has been a successful one for Vulcan. Not only is our aluminum used in the sign fabrication process, but its versatility has allowed for integration into many other industry-specific products as well including, but not limited to…

Concrete Forms

Electrical Cabinets

Irrigation Systems

Freshwater Boats

Truck/Trailer Bodies

Automotive Components

Solar Panel Components

Vulcan’s in-house Metallurgist works hand-in-hand with our sales department to ensure our aluminum will meet the requirements of our customers. From pizza pans to pontoon boats, Vulcan 5052 Aluminum Alloy serves as the integral component to many products that you see every day. Instead of asking the question “Why 5052 Aluminum Alloy?” the question should be, “Why would I not use 5052?!”

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