Continuous Cast 5052 Aluminum – Used For More Than Stop Signs

Vulcan Aluminum Mill began its partnership with Mickey Truck Bodies in 2003. MTB is an industry leader for all-aluminum beverage truck bodies and trailers, emergency vehicles, and dry freight van bodies. In the beginning, we supplied Mickey with a steady stream of 5052 H32 aluminum coil which they processed in house.

Over time, new equipment was obtained by Mickey in an attempt to increase efficiency.  In doing so, they now had a decision on their hands between purchasing aluminum coil or aluminum sheetVulcan Aluminum Mill was able to step up and provide aluminum sheeting as a value-added service. Making this switch cut down their processing time and minimized their scrap. Since then, Vulcan Aluminum Mill has provided Mickey with millions of pounds of aluminum sheet.

Our relationship continues to grow year after year and we are excited for future opportunities.

Truck body from aluminum sheet