Baldwin County Top Employer Opens Doors to Students For National Manufacturing Day

Vulcan, Inc. announces participation and list of activities scheduled for the upcoming October 5th event.

In celebration of National Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 5th, leading Alabama-based manufacturer, Vulcan, Inc. plans to welcome in over 185 local students to get an in-depth view of the various career possibilities within the manufacturing industry.

This marks a rare and eye-opening day-long event for students from Foley and Robertsdale High Schools to witness, firsthand, the inner workings of a full-scale and established manufacturing facility with 265 employees. Planned activities range from employee-led tours of the 32-acre campus, to seeing the 5 manufacturing operating plants in action, to interactive simulations for students to try their hand at a host of manufacturing tasks.

Tommy Lee, CEO of Vulcan, Inc explains the significance of Vulcan, Inc.’s participation in the 2018 National Manufacturing Day, “This is our fourth year inviting local students to our plant to celebrate National Manufacturing Day. We are honored and excited to open our doors and let students see a glimpse of the many innovative options the manufacturing industry can offer in terms of possible career choices. We hope that every student will get to experience something new and leave the event with a unique perspective of manufacturing and what role it plays in our everyday lives,”

By giving students a chance to see what job prospects may lie ahead, Vulcan, Inc. is able to tap back into their strong community roots that helped propel them from their early days in 1935, as a small sign manufacturer in Birmingham, Alabama. Since opening their first shop, over 83 years ago, Vulcan, Inc. has invested both in their technology and in their employees, who own the company, to grow into a multi-million dollar enterprise that manufacturers and supplies high-quality and durable aluminum signs, for over a dozen industries and thousands of businesses across the country.

To learn more about Vulcan and their upcoming community outreach and scholarship initiatives, click here.

Click here to watch a video of CEO Tommy Lee sharing Vulcan’s participation in National Manufacturing Day

Vulcan, Inc | Home-Grown Company With A Legacy of Excellence

Imagine if every time you contacted a company that you would be communicating directly with an owner? That is what customers and vendors experience every day at Vulcan as an employee-owned company. When it comes to quality, dependability and product diversity, Vulcan has been a proven industry leader for over 50 years with a 32-acre campus, 265 employees and 5 vertically integrated manufacturing plants. With expertise in producing products for the automotive, traffic, oil, gas, communications and other industries requiring high-quality aluminum and signage products, Vulcan has gained a reputation for being the most durable and performance-tested in the world.

To Our Customers

There is a reason why Vulcan became an Employee-Owned Company over 40 years ago. Today, as we celebrate 43 years of employee-ownership, that reason is just as important as it was in 1975.

That reason is our customers. Yes, that’s you.

We know that your success depends on timely deliveries and competitive pricing. From the initial price quote to final shipment, our employee-owners work hard every day to see that we keep our promises to you. Every employee is a stockholder, and each one is dedicated to giving full attention to your needs.

Our goal is to continue to serve you better. We have increased our stock items of signs, sign blanks, sign posts and hardware items and are positioned to compete better than ever before.

Our market has changed and will continue to change. As the uncertainty of the government-imposed aluminum tariff looms, Vulcan is committed to keeping changes in pricing and lead times to a minimum. We will continue to keep you competitive and aware of market updates.

After all, our success depends on you.

Please contact us today.


David Beviacqua

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Continuous Cast 5052 Aluminum – Used For More Than Stop Signs

Vulcan Aluminum Mill began its partnership with Mickey Truck Bodies in 2003. MTB is an industry leader for all-aluminum beverage truck bodies and trailers, emergency vehicles, and dry freight van bodies. In the beginning, we supplied Mickey with a steady stream of 5052 H32 aluminum coil which they processed in house.

Over time, new equipment was obtained by Mickey in an attempt to increase efficiency.  In doing so, they now had a decision on their hands between purchasing aluminum coil or aluminum sheetVulcan Aluminum Mill was able to step up and provide aluminum sheeting as a value-added service. Making this switch cut down their processing time and minimized their scrap. Since then, Vulcan Aluminum Mill has provided Mickey with millions of pounds of aluminum sheet.

Our relationship continues to grow year after year and we are excited for future opportunities.

Truck body from aluminum sheet

‘Tis the Season to Give


 IMG953232  IMG_3233

Last week we wrapped up our annual Holiday Food Drive at Vulcan and it was a major success! 2015 marks the 6th year we have held the Food Drive and it is always amazing to see our employees come together to provide for those in need in our local community. Last year was the first year we combined our annual United Way Giving Campaign with the Food Drive, which is the way it was structured again this year. We are extremely excited to announce that the employees of Vulcan raised over $10,000 in food and donations.

In the world we live in today, it is so easy to get caught up in the stress that comes along with the holidays, but this is just one example in which that age old saying rings true… it is better to give than to receive.

Thank you to those that helped us reach our goal and also to those that worked so hard in organizing this worthy cause!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family at Vulcan to yours.

Merry Christmas from Vulcan, Inc.


Christmas Cards 2015

To our valued customers and friends, we extend our sincere best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Alabama Gulf Coast! Although we may not be experiencing a white Christmas as our neighbors up North are accustomed to, sunny and 75 degrees in December makes for a pretty perfect day at the beach to shoot our Christmas card. From the employees of Vulcan, Inc. we send warm wishes to you and your family and look forward to a prosperous 2016!

Vulcan Aluminum Renovation Complete!


The renovation of Vulcan’s oldest production facility is now complete! Built in 1968, this building was in need of several cosmetic updates. Included in the renovation was a re-design of the employee entrance which included improved space planning and a widened side walk, as well as a new break room and bathrooms. The size of the break room has been doubled by removing an existing wall, allowing for much more elbow room during high-traffic times of break and lunch. Two new refrigerators were also purchased to allow for more cold storage space. A 70” LED monitor was also purchased and mounted in the break room to aid in communicating safety training and company announcements. All new plumbing, lighting and flooring was installed, while walls were also painted for a more modern feel.


 New Employee Break Room


 New Employee Entrance

A new conference room was also created inside the office area. This facility was the only one on Vulcan’s campus that did not have a meeting space such as this, so the sales team is extremely excited about having a space to congregate and meet with customers.

This renovation has been a breath of fresh air for the employees of Vulcan Aluminum and everyone has been diligent about keeping these new areas clean and tidy.  All employees definitely appreciate the investment Vulcan made in them!

Web Launch Announcement |The New and Improved Vulcan Aluminum Mill Website


First and foremost, we want you to know that we’ve moved! If you visit us at our old url ( you will automatically be redirected to our new web address Once you enter the new site, you will notice things look a little different… Indeed they do! However, don’t be alarmed. We are still the same faces and same company exhibiting the same excellent customer service!

The upgraded site includes new and unique features such as an animation that illustrates the Continuous Casting Process of Aluminum versus the Direct Chill Casting Process. Be sure to check out the Media and Blog page where you can view and download the Specs for the three different alloys we manufacture and click on the link to read our latest blog post on The Blacksmith’s Hammer.

The new site is conveniently organized and boasts both educational information, as well as technical specs that we are sure you will find engaging. So, what are you waiting for?! Get out there and explore the all new to find out how our state-of-the-art products and services can benefit your business.


Manufacturing Day 2015

The Blacksmith's Hammer Logo

MFG DAY Hashtag

Lately around the Vulcan campus, there has been a lot of prepping going on… prepping for an invasion of 240 high school students that will occur on Monday, October 5th! We are excited to announce Vulcan will be participating in Manufacturing Day 2015 for the very first time.

What is Manufacturing Day?

Good question. Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. In partnering with Foley High School, students 9th-12th grade will be touring our campus all throughout the day.

Why celebrate manufacturing?

Why not for crying out loud?! In today’s market where more and more goods are fabricated overseas, we take extreme pride in the fact that our products are manufactured in the United States. In 1975, Vulcan was the first corporation in Alabama to become employee owned and we remain that way today. We are a medium-sized business with 280 employees, who are like family. We aren’t just making traffic signs, utility signs, aluminum coil, blanks and metal stampings. We are investing in the livelihood of our employee-owners, their families and our community. All that being said, a celebration is definitely in order so don’t ask again!

What is the goal?

Our goal is to show these students that quality, American-made products are being produced right here in Foley, Alabama. Our hope is that a spark of inspiration will be ignited so that they can envision the endless possibilities if they decide to one day make manufacturing a part of their future.

Who is behind National Manufacturing Day and where can I learn more?

Manufacturing Day is co-produced by the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the Manufacturing Institute (MI) and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). You can learn more by visiting

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The Voice of Vulcan

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He grew up in a family that ran the local radio station, WHEP, in Foley. This circumstance required that he develop a supreme radio voice at a very young age. Clear, concise, booming, impeccable inflection and tone… he’s got it all. If you don’t recognize this face, or have never heard his unmistakable voice, you have truly been missing out on knowing a very large piece of Vulcan’s history. Jim Stewart, the Senior Vice President of Vulcan Signs and Vulcan Aluminum, began his career on July 1, 1974. This photo, taken in 1981, is the perfect illustration of why the title of this blog post is The Voice of Vulcan.

It is company-wide knowledge that Jim is The Voice of Vulcan. He has performed several voice-over sessions for Vulcan company videos and it never takes long for both employees and customers alike to pick up on the fact that the robust voice they are hearing is in fact, Jim Stewart!

Jim, thank you for your charm, your wit and for always bringing a certain level of nostalgia to the table. Most of all, thank you for your dedication to our company.

Simplify | Ordering Across Multiple Locations Just Got Easier


new msm cover

Has ordering marking products become too much of a chore for your corporation? Over the years, we have heard horror stories about how consistent ordering across multiple field locations is nearly an impossible task. One location orders flexible fiberglass markers from Company A, while another aluminum signs from Company B, while yet another orders from Company C. With no specifications to go by, it is easy for ordering to become a free-for-all and what you end up with is zero brand consistency among each location. You want your signage and pipeline markings easily identifiable whether you are in Texas or North Carolina, right? At Vulcan Utility Signs, we have developed a solution. Our Marking Standards Manual illustrates signs and markers specific to your corporation that are approved to order, along with item numbers and specifications. The manual is easily distributed in digital format, ensuring each field location will have easy access. It’s a no-brainer if you ask us. So go ahead, simplify! There is absolutely no reason why ordering marking products should be hard. Contact one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at Vulcan Utility Signs to get started today! 1.800.426.1314 or