Manufacturing Day 2015

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Lately around the Vulcan campus, there has been a lot of prepping going on… prepping for an invasion of 240 high school students that will occur on Monday, October 5th! We are excited to announce Vulcan will be participating in Manufacturing Day 2015 for the very first time.

What is Manufacturing Day?

Good question. Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. In partnering with Foley High School, students 9th-12th grade will be touring our campus all throughout the day.

Why celebrate manufacturing?

Why not for crying out loud?! In today’s market where more and more goods are fabricated overseas, we take extreme pride in the fact that our products are manufactured in the United States. In 1975, Vulcan was the first corporation in Alabama to become employee owned and we remain that way today. We are a medium-sized business with 280 employees, who are like family. We aren’t just making traffic signs, utility signs, aluminum coil, blanks and metal stampings. We are investing in the livelihood of our employee-owners, their families and our community. All that being said, a celebration is definitely in order so don’t ask again!

What is the goal?

Our goal is to show these students that quality, American-made products are being produced right here in Foley, Alabama. Our hope is that a spark of inspiration will be ignited so that they can envision the endless possibilities if they decide to one day make manufacturing a part of their future.

Who is behind National Manufacturing Day and where can I learn more?

Manufacturing Day is co-produced by the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International (FMA), the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the Manufacturing Institute (MI) and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP). You can learn more by visiting

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The Voice of Vulcan

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He grew up in a family that ran the local radio station, WHEP, in Foley. This circumstance required that he develop a supreme radio voice at a very young age. Clear, concise, booming, impeccable inflection and tone… he’s got it all. If you don’t recognize this face, or have never heard his unmistakable voice, you have truly been missing out on knowing a very large piece of Vulcan’s history. Jim Stewart, the Senior Vice President of Vulcan Signs and Vulcan Aluminum, began his career on July 1, 1974. This photo, taken in 1981, is the perfect illustration of why the title of this blog post is The Voice of Vulcan.

It is company-wide knowledge that Jim is The Voice of Vulcan. He has performed several voice-over sessions for Vulcan company videos and it never takes long for both employees and customers alike to pick up on the fact that the robust voice they are hearing is in fact, Jim Stewart!

Jim, thank you for your charm, your wit and for always bringing a certain level of nostalgia to the table. Most of all, thank you for your dedication to our company.

Live Local, Act Local | Partnering with the United Way of Baldwin County

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United Way Award 2015

Vulcan Aluminum Sales Manager, Todd Koniar (left), accepting an award on behalf of Vulcan for being a United Way Leading Company for 2014 (Chairman of the UWBC Board, Will Murray, on right)

Giving back has always been a part of the culture at Vulcan. Whether it is sponsoring a local youth sports team or hosting a food drive to support local agencies that help families in need, giving back is a core value we strongly believe in.

For over 40 years, Vulcan has proudly partnered with the United Way of Baldwin County (UWBC), an organization that works tirelessly to aid over 30 local, non-profit agencies such as the American Red Cross, the Bay Area Food Bank and YMCA of South Alabama.

UWBC Mission: (Courtesy – United Way of Baldwin County website)

The United Way of Baldwin County’s collaborative effort with health and human service agencies works to build, grow and enhance the well-being of citizens in Baldwin County.

UWBC Vision: (Courtesy – United Way of Baldwin County website)

The United Way of Baldwin County is a network of organizations that brings people together to tackle community issues. Our goal is to create lasting change by addressing the underlying causes to problems in the areas of health, education and financial stability. This is accomplished through a collaborative effort with our community partners and programs designed to address the needs of Baldwin County citizens.

Not only does Vulcan give to the UWBC as a corporation, but a large percentage of Vulcan employees give consistently via payroll deduction. This collective effort has allowed us to receive the award for one of the UWBC Leading Companies of 2014. We are honored to receive this award and view it as a challenge to exceed donations for 2015.

Remembering September 11, 2001 | 14 Years Later



Vulcan flags were at half mast today in remembrance of

September 11, 2001.

It is hard to believe it has been 14 years since that tragic day. Just as many Americans remember exactly where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news that JFK had been assassinated, the memory of 9/11 can instantly flood our minds with the catastrophic events that occurred on that day. We would like to take a moment of reflection as we share a moving video produced by the United States Naval Academy’s Contemporary a capella group, the Anchormen.

In remembrance of the anniversary of September 11th, the 11 members of the United States Naval Academy’s Contemporary a capella group, the Anchormen, pause to honor the lives of those affected by one of the worst attacks on American soil. This video is meant as a tribute to those who gave their lives then as well as the men and women who currently stand in defense of this great nation.


Welcome to the Family | A New Sales Manager for Vulcan Utility Signs


We are excited to welcome a new member to the Vulcan Family! Shannon Melton is joining us as the new Sales Manager for Vulcan Utility Signs. After a short Q & A session we think you’ll agree, he’s going fit right in and be a great asset to our team!

SHannon Melton small

Vulcan: So Shannon, tell us a little bit about where you are from?

Shannon: I am a “local” resident of the Gulf Coast having grown up in Pascagoula, MS.

Vulcan: We are all about family at Vulcan, so tell us about your fam jam!

Shannon: I have been married to Lora for over 27 years.  We have two children – Olivia is a Junior in college and Samuel is in eighth grade.

Vulcan: Have you always lived in the South?

Shannon: Lora is also from the Pascagoula area, but during our marriage I have dragged her to Cincinnati, OH for two years, to Madison, MS for six years, and most recently to Houston, TX for a year.  However, we lived in Orange Beach for seventeen years prior to the move to Texas and are thrilled to have the opportunity to come back home.  A significant part of my summer as a youth were spent in Silverhill at my Grandparents (John L and Lilly Belle Simpson) house on County Road 104 – so yes, I can shuck & silk corn, pick peas & butterbeans, and eat fried okra.

Vulcan: What do you miss most about summer’s at your grandparent’s house?

Shannon: Definitely the homemade biscuits with my Grandma’s knuckle prints where she used her hand to flatten them.  Her knuckle prints were perfect for holding extra syrup!

Vulcan: We must now ask you a very serious question… do you root for Alabama or Auburn?

Shannon: Neither! I am an alumni of Mississippi State (Hail State!) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Vulcan: How did you make the transition from Engineering to Sales?

Shannon: I worked for over ten years total as an Engineer for Ingalls Shipbuilding, General Electric, and Eaton.  I took advantage of an opportunity to move into Sales while at Eaton and spent the last two years as a Sales/Operations Leader with HYDAC International.

Vulcan: Are you excited to be starting this new chapter with Vulcan?

Shannon: With almost two decades of Sales and Sales / Operations Management experience, I am confident I can bring value to Vulcan and I appreciate the Senior Leaders giving me an opportunity to prove it.  I also get that I work for each of you as owners of Vulcan.  My goal is to earn your trust and make you feel the investment in allowing me to join the Vulcan family is a good one.

Vulcan: Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Shannon: When I retire I am going to be a white water rafting guide.  My wife keeps asking me if I have ever noticed how young all of the guides look.  I am still not sure what she is insinuating, but I think I should be mad about it!