Thanks A Million


There is no doubt that thoughts of sweet potato casserole, turkey, dressing and all the trimmings preoccupy approximately 98% of our brain power during the week of Thanksgiving. However, when it is finally time to sit down and chow down… what is it that comes to mind as the reason to give thanks?  My mind started to wander, thinking about all of the obvious answers… family, friends, pets, hobbies, the delicious meal we get to enjoy… and then timed to perfection, an unsuspecting email was delivered to my inbox.

From: Kyle Potts
Sent: Friday, November 20, 2015 8:39 AM
To: Vulcan Team
Subject: Thanks a Million


Another great Vulcan Sales Meeting has taken place in Foley, Alabama.

Just a brief note to say thank you for all that you do to make Vulcan Inc. such a great place. Once again, I left Foley with a new flare for my job, our customers and the great people that I work with.   

I love and appreciate you all!!!

Kyle R. Potts – Sales Representative
Vulcan, Inc.
901 Vulcan St. | Foley, AL 36535
An Employee Owned Company!

Kyle is a Sales Representative for Vulcan, based in Texas. He had just returned home from Sales Week which is hosted once a year at our home base in Foley, Alabama. For Kyle, the week was filled with sales planning, presentations, tours of upgrades to our manufacturing facility, training and most important of all… time to interact with his co-workers which he spends a large majority of his day emailing and calling.

We all know that work relationships can be challenging at times, but at the end of the day, we must remember that we are all working together to accomplish the same goal. We can choose to have a positive or negative attitude to combat whatever challenges come our way, however, today I am truly thankful for Kyle Potts and his regards that meant so much to all that received his email. This short, heartfelt note made the incredible people I work with shoot to the top of my “thankful” list.

We wish all of our customers, vendors, and employees a very blessed Thanksgiving holiday!

Blog Post Courtesy: Cody McCurley, Marketing Manager for Vulcan, Inc.

Vulcan Aluminum Renovation Complete!


The renovation of Vulcan’s oldest production facility is now complete! Built in 1968, this building was in need of several cosmetic updates. Included in the renovation was a re-design of the employee entrance which included improved space planning and a widened side walk, as well as a new break room and bathrooms. The size of the break room has been doubled by removing an existing wall, allowing for much more elbow room during high-traffic times of break and lunch. Two new refrigerators were also purchased to allow for more cold storage space. A 70” LED monitor was also purchased and mounted in the break room to aid in communicating safety training and company announcements. All new plumbing, lighting and flooring was installed, while walls were also painted for a more modern feel.


 New Employee Break Room


 New Employee Entrance

A new conference room was also created inside the office area. This facility was the only one on Vulcan’s campus that did not have a meeting space such as this, so the sales team is extremely excited about having a space to congregate and meet with customers.

This renovation has been a breath of fresh air for the employees of Vulcan Aluminum and everyone has been diligent about keeping these new areas clean and tidy.  All employees definitely appreciate the investment Vulcan made in them!

Web Launch Announcement |The New and Improved Vulcan Aluminum Mill Website


First and foremost, we want you to know that we’ve moved! If you visit us at our old url ( you will automatically be redirected to our new web address Once you enter the new site, you will notice things look a little different… Indeed they do! However, don’t be alarmed. We are still the same faces and same company exhibiting the same excellent customer service!

The upgraded site includes new and unique features such as an animation that illustrates the Continuous Casting Process of Aluminum versus the Direct Chill Casting Process. Be sure to check out the Media and Blog page where you can view and download the Specs for the three different alloys we manufacture and click on the link to read our latest blog post on The Blacksmith’s Hammer.

The new site is conveniently organized and boasts both educational information, as well as technical specs that we are sure you will find engaging. So, what are you waiting for?! Get out there and explore the all new to find out how our state-of-the-art products and services can benefit your business.