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Vulcan Human Resources

Vulcan, Inc. routinely posts jobs on this web page. You can view the available jobs on the left. If you are interested in employment with us, please fill out an online application.

If you would like to contact Vulcan, Inc.’s HR Department, click on the link below:
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Vulcan Human Resources Building
339 East Berry Avenue Foley
Pre-Employment Physical, Drug Screen and Background Check Required.

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Vulcan, Inc. has been an Employee-Owned Company since 1975. Proudly, we say that being Employee-Owned plays a major role in the way we operate day-to-day. First and foremost, it means keeping one another safe, no matter what job we are doing. Vulcan’s in-house Safety Team consists of a dynamic group of employees that work tirelessly to ensure safety remains our top priority. Secondly, being Employee-Owned means teamwork. At Vulcan, the motto is "Who Can? We Can. VULCAN!" Our successes are absolutely dependent upon everyone working together as a team. Leadership, communication, accountability, pride in workmanship, honesty and respect are all character traits that Vulcan employees demonstrate daily and are the foundation of who we are as an Employee-Owned Company.

We hope you are interested in becoming a part of our team! With hard work and dedicated employees, Vulcan will continue its successful business model as an Employee-Owned Company.